Michiko Tanaka

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PURPOSE To determine how the photopic negative response (PhNR) is affected in central retinal artery occlusion (CRAO). DESIGN Observational case series. METHODS Seven patients with unilateral CRAO were included. Full-field scotopic and photopic electroretinograms (ERGs) including the PhNR were recorded. Each ERG amplitude in the affected eye was(More)
PURPOSE To determine possible mechanisms that shape the negative electroretinograms (ERGs) in rats with photoreceptor degeneration induced by destruction of the retinal pigment epithelium. METHODS Sprague-Dawley rats (n = 48) were injected intravenously with 60 mg/kg of sodium iodate (NaIO(3)). Full-field ERGs were elicited by different stimulus(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) has a neuroprotective effect against photoreceptor degeneration in rats. METHODS Eight-week-old Sprague-Dawley (SD) and 24-day-old Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) rats received an intravitreal injection of HGF in the right eyes. The left eyes were injected with vehicle and served as the control.(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether a significant correlation exists between the amplitude of the s wave of the multifocal electroretinogram (mfERG) and the retinal nerve fiber layer thickness (RNFLT) in glaucomatous eyes. METHODS Twenty-three eyes of 23 patients with glaucoma were studied. In all eyes, the severity of the defects in the upper visual field(More)
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