Michiko Shinpo

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INTRODUCTION Galactosialidosis is a rare lysosomal storage disease caused by a combined deficiency of GM1 β-galactosidase (β-gal) and neuraminidase secondary to a defect of a lysosomal enzyme protective protein/cathepsin A (PPCA) and mutation in CTSA gene. Three subtypes are recognized: early infantile, late infantile, and juvenile/adult. There is no(More)
Interstitial deletions of chromosome 3 are rare, and only one patient with a microdeletion of 3p21.31 has been reported to date. We identified two additional cases of patients with microdeletions of 3p21.31. The characteristic clinical features of developmental delay and distinctive facial features (including arched eyebrows, hypertelorism, epicanthus, and(More)
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