Michiko Sato

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BACKGROUND It is still not clear which factors are associated with left ventricular mass index (LVMI) in chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients, based on the patient's physical and biochemical parameters at the time of echocardiography. The objective of the present study was to identify factors associated with LVMI in CKD patients (predialysis patients),(More)
Silk fibroin fiber has a long history of use in sutures because of its high strength and toughness. In the work reported in this paper, small-diameter vascular grafts 1.5 mm in diameter and 10 mm in length were prepared by coating a double-raschel knitted silk fiber graft with silk fibroin aqueous solution containing poly(ethylene glycol diglycidyl ether)(More)
It is well known that obesity and insulin resistance are closely related to the development of type 2 diabetes. However, the exact pathogenic mechanism underlying the insulin resistance in renal disease has not been clarified. The purpose of the present study was to clarify the contribution of abdominal (visceral and subcutaneous) fat accumulation to(More)
Hemodialysis (HD) patients frequently have an elevated left ventricular mass index (LVMI). Currently, left ventricular (LV) hypertrophy and dysfunction are considered to be the strongest predictors of cardiovascular mortality in dialysis patients. The objectives of the present study are to investigate the factors associated with elevated LVMI and to discuss(More)
BACKGROUND Echocardiography is widely used for the evaluation of cardiac structures and function. The prognostic value of assessment of left cardiac atrium (LA) size in peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients is still unclear. The objective of the present study is to investigate prospectively a longitudinal monitoring of echocardiography parameters after start of(More)
To test whether acute volume expansion can normalize orthostatic intolerance and autonomic tone after prolonged bed rest (BR), 23 men were subjected to 20 days BR. Left ventricular (LV) echocardiography was performed during the lower body negative pressure (LBNP) test before and after BR with and without preceding rapid infusion of saline (1,500 ml/30 min).(More)
AIM Suramin is a symmetrical polysulfonated naphthylamine derivative of urea. There have been few studies on the effect of suramin on cytokines. We examined the effects of suramin on production of inflammatory cytokines. METHODS We made an acute liver injury model treated with d-galactosamine (GalN) and lipopolysaccharide (LPS). Plasma AST, ALT, tumor(More)
In the field of surgical revascularization, the need for functional small-diameter (1.5-4.0 mm in diameter) vascular grafts is increasing. Several synthetic biomaterials have been tested for this purpose, but in many cases they cause thrombosis. In this study, we report the development of small-diameter vascular grafts made from silk fibroin fibers from the(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is characterized by chronic airflow limitation. The prevalence of airflow limitation in Japan is 10.9% (16.4% of males and 5.0% of females). Cigarette smoking is well known as a major cause of COPD. However, few epidemiological studies have evaluated the effects of cigarette smoking on pulmonary(More)
Genipin is a metabolite derived from the herbal medicine Inchinko-to. Little is known about the mechanism of genipin action on acute liver injury through inflammatory cytokines. We examined the effects of genipin on production of TNF-alpha in vivo and in vitro. Mice were given GalN/LPS with or without genipin treatment. All mice not given genipin died(More)