Michiko Ohishi

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We have searched for millimetre-wave line emission from ethylene oxide (c-C2H4O) and its structural isomer acetaldehyde (CH3CHO) in 11 molecular clouds using SEST. Ethylene oxide and acetaldehyde were detected through multiple lines in the hot cores NGC 6334F, G327.3-0.6, G31.41+0.31, and G34.3+0.2. Acetaldehyde was also detected towards G10.47+0.03,(More)
Protons with energies up to approximately 10(15) eV are the main component of cosmic rays, but evidence for the specific locations where they could have been accelerated to these energies has been lacking. Electrons are known to be accelerated to cosmic-ray energies in supernova remnants, and the shock waves associated with such remnants, when they hit the(More)
A new interstellar molecular ion, H2COH+ (protonated formaldehyde), has been detected toward Sgr B2, Orion KL, W51, and possibly in NGC 7538 and DR21(OH). Six transitions were detected in Sgr B2(M). The 1(1,0)-1(0,1) transition was detected in all sources listed above. Searches were also made toward the cold, dark clouds TMC-1 and L134N, Orion (3N, 1E), and(More)
We report the measurement of three new lines of C3O in TMC-1. The observed peak antenna temperatures, appropriately corrected for atmospheric and telescope losses, are found to be consistent with a large velocity gradient radiative transfer model whose parameters span the range of standard values for this cloud. The derived fractional abundance for C3O is(More)
We report the first detection of interstellar nitrogen sulfide (NS) in cold dark clouds. Several components of the 2 pi 1/2, J = 3/2 --> 1/2 and J = 5/2 --> 3/2 transitions were observed in TMC-1 and L134N. The inferred column density for TMC-1 is NNS approximately 8 x 10(12)cm-2 toward the NH3 peak in that cloud, and in L134N is NNS approximately 3 x(More)
We report the detection of the acetylene derivative propynal (HC triple bond CCHO) in the cold cloud TMC-1, with an abundance that is very close to that for the related species tricarbon monoxide (C3O). Propadienone, an isomer of propynal with the formula H2C=C=C=O, was not detected and is hence less abundant than either C3O or HC2CHO.
We report on the status of the construction of an array of four 10 m atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes for gamma-ray astronomy, near Woomera, in South Australia – the CANGAROO-III project. The first telescope of this array is the upgraded version of the CANGAROO-II 7 m telescope and has been in operation since March 2000. The second telescope, an improved(More)
A preliminary result from Markarian 421 observations in the energy region above 10 TeV with the CANGAROOII 10 m telescope is presented. In January 2001, the HEGRA group reported that Markarian 421 had become very active, with flux levels up to 4 times that of the Crab Nebula. As a result, we observed Mkn 421 during six nights from January 24th to February(More)
We report a search in cold, quiescent and in ‘hot core’ type interstellar molecular clouds for the small cyclic molecule oxiranecarbonitrile (C3H3NO), which has been suggested as a precursor of important prebiotic molecules. We have determined upper limits to the column density and fractional abundance for the observed sources and find that, typically, the(More)
We report the identification of 10 transitions that support the detection of the small cyclic molecule ethylene oxide (c-C2H4O) in Sgr B2N. Although one of these transitions is severely blended, so that an accurate intensity and line width could not be determined, and two other lines are only marginally detected, we have done Gaussian fits to the remaining(More)