Michiko Kitagawa

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Blazed reflection micro-Fresnel lenses and their use in an integrated focus sensor are proposed. Theoretical analysis indicates that the optical characteristics of reflection Fresnel lenses can be improved compared with a conventional transmission micro-Fresnel lens. These reflection Fresnel lenses were fabricated using electron-beam lithography and(More)
A portable mass spectrometer with an electron cyclotron resonance ion source (miniECRIS-MS) was developed. It was used for in situ monitoring of trace amounts of chemical warfare agents (CWAs) in atmospheric air. Instrumental construction and parameters were optimized to realize a fast response, high sensitivity, and a small body size. Three types of CWAs,(More)
The effect of stoichiometry ratio and ash deposits on the corrosion of mild steel and 0.5Cr-0.5Mo steel has been investigated at 450 OC in the simulated combustion gases burning three kinds of coals. Under the assumption that the gas reacts with the metal at the same temperature as the surface and gas has not changed in composition, the corrosion behavior(More)
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