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Globular aggregates of carbon nanohorns (CNHs) often contain graphite-like thin sheets (GLSs), and providing different functions to CNHs and GLSs would expand the possible applications of the CNH-GLS aggregates. We show that the GLS edges can be carboxylated selectively by immersing the aggregates in an aqueous solution of H2O2 at room temperature for 1(More)
Syntheses of optically active trifluoronorcoronamic acid 6 and its diastereomer 9 are described. Highly stereospecific and diastereoselective S(N)2 cyclization of gamma-cyanohydrins 3a and 3b gave cyclopropyl nitriles 4a and 4b. Hydrolysis of the cyano group and deprotection of the amino group of 4a provide trifluoronorcoronamic acid 6. Hofmann(More)
Intramolecular electrostatic repulsions between the local negative charge on a trifluoromethyl group and that on the ortho position of an aryl moiety of a nucleophile was found to be a controlling factor of the diastereoselectivity in a cyclopropanation reaction, in which the electrostatic repulsion was evaluated quantitatively.
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