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The traditional Japanese medicine rikkunshito ameliorates the nitric oxide-associated delay in gastric emptying. Whether rikkunshito affects gastric motility associated with 5-hydroxytryptamine (serotonin: 5-HT) receptors or dopamine receptors is unknown. We examined the effects of rikkunshito on the delay in gastric emptying induced by 5-HT or dopamine(More)
Macrophage-like cells densely accumulate in stab wound-induced brain lesions in rats. Many of these cells express the macrophage marker Iba1 and the oligodendrocyte progenitor cell marker NG2 chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan (NG2), and have been termed BINCs (brain Iba1(+)/NG2(+) cells). Results from our previous study showed that BINCs elicit(More)
Preformed, autologous mesothelial chambers were utilized to study axonal growth following selective predegeneration of the distal nerve stump and/or preconditioning of the proximal nerve stump. The left and/or right sciatic nerve of rats was exposed and transected in the thigh. Two weeks after transection, the left proximal nerve stump was cross-anastomosed(More)
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