Michihiro Takada

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Sterol oxidation products derived from cholesterol and phytosterol are formed during the processing and storage of foods. The objective of the present study was to assess the potential unfavorable effects of oxysterols in mice. C57BL/6J mice were fed an AIN-93G-based diet containing 0.2 g/kg of oxycholesterol or oxyphytosterol for 4 weeks. The most abundant(More)
Crossover designs have some advantages over standard clinical trial designs and they are often used in trials evaluating the efficacy of treatments for infertility. However, clinical trials of infertility treatments violate a fundamental condition of crossover designs, because women who become pregnant in the first treatment period are not treated in the(More)
Bone marrow transplant recipients are highly susceptible to opportunistic fungal infections. This is the report, of the first case of a Chaetomium systemic infection described in Brazil. A 34 year-old patient with chronic myeloid leukemia underwent an allogeneic sibling matched bone marrow transplant. Seven months later, he developed systemic infection with(More)
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