Michihiro Matsuki

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The stratum corneum of the skin serves as an effective barrier for maintenance of the internal milieu against the external environment. At the cell periphery of the stratum corneum is the cell envelope, a highly insoluble membranous structure composed of precursor proteins cross-linked by epsilon-(gamma-glutamyl)lysine bonds. Transglutaminase 1 (TGase 1;(More)
BACKGROUND We previously showed that the apolipoprotein (apo) Eepsilon2 allele is associated with the progression of diabetic nephropathy. The aim of the present study is to further investigate the association between apo E genetic polymorphism, plasma lipid levels (particularly remnant lipoproteins), and diabetic nephropathy. SUBJECTS AND METHODS One(More)
Transglutaminase type 1 was identified as a tyrosine-phosphorylated protein from the isolated junctional fraction of the mouse liver. This enzyme was reported to be involved in the covalent cross-linking of proteins in keratinocytes, but its expression and activity in other cell types have not been examined. Northern blotting revealed that transglutaminase(More)
Intractable pain in a patient with adiposis dolorosa (Dercum's disease) was treated by IV administration of lidocaine (200 to 400 mg). Relief was maximum 20 minutes after the end of drug infusion and persisted for over 10 hours. Toxicity was minimal. Slow EEG waves which appeared during drug administration disappeared within 20 minutes.
PURPOSE In severe ocular surface diseases, pathologic keratinization of the ordinarily nonkeratinized corneal and conjunctival mucosal epithelia results in severe visual loss. The expression in conjunctivalized corneas of various proteins known to play important roles in the physiological keratinization process in human epidermis was examined to better(More)
The db gene homozygous, but not heterozygous, mice develop diabetes with severe beta-cell damage. We investigated the molecular mechanism underlying db gene-associated pancreatic beta-cell dysfunction. Islet morphology, beta-cell function, and gene expression profiles specific for pancreatic islet cells were compared among db gene homozygous(db/db),(More)
BACKGROUND Serum amyloid A (SAA) and C-reactive protein (CRP) have been suggested to be involved in the process of coronary heart disease (CHD) and to be potential markers and/or predictors of CHD. Remnant-like lipoprotein particles (RLPs), which are regarded as atherogenic remnant lipoprotein, are reported to be increased in type 2 diabetic patients. We(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of apolipoprotein (apo)E4 allele on plasma LDL cholesterol response to calorie-restricted diet therapy in type 2 diabetic patients. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Twenty-four diabetic patients with the apoE3/3 genotype and 11 diabetic patients with the apoE4/3 genotype were recruited. Participants(More)
MIN6 cells retains glucose-stimulated insulin secretion (GSIS) as isolated islets. We comprehensively evaluated the gene expression and production of other islet hormones in MIN6 cells. Islet hormones were demonstrated by immunohistochemical staining and measured by ELISA. The gene expression profiles of MIN6 cells were compared with those in the mouse(More)