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Fluctuations in the multiplicities and momentum distributions of particles emitted in relativistic heavy-ion collisions have been widely considered as probes of thermalization and the statistical nature of particle production in such reactions [1]. The characteristic behavior of temperature and pion multiplicity fluctuations in the final state has been(More)
Controlling acoustic fields is crucial in diverse applications such as loudspeaker design, ultrasound imaging and therapy or acoustic particle manipulation. The current approaches use fixed lenses or expensive phased arrays. Here, using a process of analogue-to-digital conversion and wavelet decomposition, we develop the notion of quantal meta-surfaces. The(More)
We present JOLED, a mid-air display for interactive physical visualization using Janus objects as physical voxels. The Janus objects have special surfaces that have two or more asymmetric physical properties at different areas. In JOLED, they are levitated in mid-air and controllably rotated to reveal their different physical properties. We made voxels by(More)
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