Michihaya Kono

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INTRODUCTION In our aging society, hip fractures are common in elderly patients, especially those aged above 90 years. Improving mortality rates after this injury is an important part of medical management for the elderly. This study assessed mortality rates after hip fracture in patients aged ≥90 years and examined factors that contribute to mortality. (More)
BACKGROUND For the treatment of osteochondral lesions of the talar dome without detachment of the cartilage, there is little information on whether transmalleolar drilling or retrograde drilling is more effective in terms of clinical and morphologic evaluations. HYPOTHESIS Retrograde drilling may be more effective than transmalleolar drilling for lesions(More)
BACKGROUND Antimicrobial prophylaxis (AMP) can reduce the risk of surgical-site infection (SSI) following many types of surgery, particularly spinal surgery. After publication of the Guideline for Prevention of Surgical Site Infection by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 1999, a large number of studies confirmed the effectiveness of AMP.(More)
A 67-year-old woman with no specific medical history showed a hard mass on her great toe for several years. The lesion was elastic, round, and had good mobility. An X-ray showed the lesion to be a calcified “chicken wire” lesion; CT and MRI findings indicated it as a benign subcutaneous calcified tumor. Therefore, a resection biopsy was performed. The mass(More)
BACKGROUND Cartilage defects are created on intraarticular osteochondral fragments at the entrance holes of fixation devices when these fragments are fixed to the original sites. Conventional fixation devices hinder repair of these defects and there is a latent risk of secondary osteoarthritis. We therefore developed a novel fixation device system(More)
We developed a method using liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-ESI-MS/MS) with a selected reaction monitoring (SRM) mode for simultaneous quantitative analysis of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). Using one-shot analysis with our MS/MS method, we demonstrated the simultaneous quantification of a total of 23 variously(More)
Findings o~ the gast r ic mucosa in 31 diabetic patients were studied in relat ion to diabetic symptoms. Gastr i t is was recognized in all cases of which 27 (87%)showed findings of atrophic and superficial gastr i t is , and 2 (6%) of hyper t rophic gastri t is . Atrophic changes were observed mainly in the upper age group. No significant re la t ion was(More)
Many investigations have been made on the re la r ionship between postoperative function of the intest inal t rac t and complaints af ter gastrectomy. There are, however, f requent occasions when the past examinat ion method does not accomplish our objective and is very uncer ta in in value and technique. Therefore, an at tempt has been made by the au thors(More)