Michiel van Eijck

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The influence of antidepressants on cognitive performance in elderly patients has been investigated in 18 studies. More than 70 different psychological tests or batteries of tests could be identified in these studies. The tentative conclusions that can be drawn are as follows. Monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors hardly influence cognitive performance.(More)
We present a one-loop calculation of a gauge invariant QCD beta function. Using both momentum and temperature renormalization group equations we investigate the running coupling in the magnetic sector as a function of temperature and momentum scale. At fixed momentum scale we find that, in contrast to λφ 4 or QED, high-temperature QCD is strongly coupled,(More)
In the science education research literature, it often appears to be assumed that students " possess " more or less stable " images of science " that directly correspond to their experiences with scientific practice in science curricula. From cultural-historical and socio-cultural perspectives, this assumption is problematic because scientific practices are(More)
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