Michiel W. Hengeveld

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Depression is a common cause of sexual dysfunction, but also antidepressant medication is often associated with sexual side effects. This article includes two related studies. The first double-blind, placebo-controlled study was conducted in men with lifelong rapid ejaculation and aimed to assess putative differences between the major selective serotonin(More)
Schizophrenic patients are known to experience difficulties in emotional information processing, yet knowledge of their physiological responsivity to emotional stimuli is limited. The purpose of this study was to investigate the physiological reactions of schizophrenic patients to emotional stimuli. We presented pictures selected from the International(More)
BACKGROUND Interventions to improve adherence to treatment in people with psychotic disorders have produced inconclusive results. We developed a new treatment, treatment adherence therapy (TAT), whose intervention modules are tailored to the reasons for an individual's non-adherence. AIMS To examine the effectiveness of TAT with regard to service(More)
Seventeen male outpatients with premature ejaculation were randomly assigned to treatment with paroxetine (N = 8) or placebo (N = 9). After a first week dose of 20 mg/day, the paroxetine regimen was increased to 40 mg/day for 5 weeks. Patients and their female partners were interviewed separately. Patients treated with paroxetine had significantly greater(More)
BACKGROUND Depressed patients are biased in their response to negative information. They have been found to show a maladaptive behavioral and aberrant electrophysiological response to negative feedback. The aim of this study was to investigate the behavioral and electrophysiological response to feedback validity in drug-free depressed patients. METHOD(More)
Several studies have shown that schizophrenic patients have difficulties in their ability to recognize emotional facial expressions, whereas other research indicated that they subjectively report the same emotional experience as healthy controls. The purpose of this study was to investigate whether the physiological responses that accompany emotions differ(More)
OBJECTIVE Excessive infant crying, or infantile colic, is a common and often stress-inducing problem for parents that can ultimately result in child abuse. From previous research it is known that maternal depression is related to excessive crying, but so far little is known about the influence of paternal depression. METHODS In a prospective,(More)
The DSM-IV diagnostic criteria for premature ejaculation remain to be investigated by a clinical study. A prospective study was therefore conducted to investigate the DSM-IV definition and to provide an empirical operationalization of premature ejaculation. In this study 140 men suffering from lifelong premature ejaculation were interviewed separately from(More)
In many patients clinical care in general medical settings is complicated by the presence of psychiatric disorders in addition to the presenting physical symptoms. In the present study the prevalence and type of psychiatric disorders was assessed in relation to the medical diagnostic findings in a general internal medicine out-patient clinic. The Present(More)