Michiel Vestjens

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The focus of neuropsychology is to understand the relationship between assessment results and everyday cognitive abilities and disabilities. However, the generalizability of traditional neuropsychological tests to real-life behaviors, the ecological validity, is compromised by the test environment, among other things. Neuropsychological tests are often(More)
We report a method for reliable routine polymer sample introduction with minimal bias, a separation method of the first six linear and cyclic oligomers by liquid chromatography, quantification using group equivalents and long term method performance. Injecting a polymer sample in a mobile phase containing an aqueous non-solvent often results in blocked(More)
By separating the first six linear and cyclic oligomers of polyamide-6 on a reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatographic system after sandwich injection, quantitative determination of these oligomers becomes feasible. Low-wavelength UV detection of the different oligomers and selective post-column reaction detection of the linear oligomers with(More)
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