Michiel Valentijn Bakker

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We present a new and generic type of detector for photons, electrons and energetic charged particles: a stacked set of curved miniature dynodes in vacuum, created through Micro Mechanical Electronic Systems (MEMS) fabrication techniques on top of a CMOS pixel chip. This combination in itself is an efficient single free electron detector. By capping the(More)
Recently biological research has put more focus on the mathematical and computational modelling of systems. ANIMO was developed to help the researchers with this, by allowing them to make computational models using a simple user interface. ANIMO can run simulations of biological networks which produce the same results as the real biological processes. ANIMO(More)
The main concern of this book is to answer the question why requirements on a computer system change. Implementing changes is time-consuming and cost-ineffective. This chapter gives an outline of the problematic, summarizes a number of answers that can be derived from the literature, and previews how the research presented in subsequent chapters is(More)
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