Michiel Hellendoorn

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To examine the contribution of peptidases to the growth of lactococcus lactis in milk, 16 single- and multiple-deletion mutants were constructed. In successive rounds of chromosomal gene replacement mutagenesis, up to all five of the following peptidase genes were inactivated (fivefold mutant): pepX, pepO, pepT, pepC, and pepN. Multiple mutations led to(More)
The gene pepV, encoding a dipeptidase from Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris MG1363, was identified in a genomic library in pUC19 in a peptidase-deficient Escherichia coli strain and subsequently sequenced. PepV of L. lactis is enzymatically active in E. coli and hydrolyzes a broad range of dipeptides but no tri-, tetra-, or larger oligopeptides. Northern(More)
In previous studies, it has been shown that inactivation of opp or even oppA abolishes the capacity of Lactococcus lactis to utilize oligopeptides. We now show that the opp operon has been duplicated in L. lactis MG1363. The nucleotide sequence of the oppA and oppC homologues (appA and appC) and most of the oppB homologue (appB) indicate that the(More)
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