Michiaki Sadanaga

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Changes in evoked spinal cord potential (ESCP) and in local spinal cord blood flow (local SCBF) were measured simultaneously in eight dogs in the course of systemic cooling and rewarming using a water mattress. PaCO2 was maintained at 35-40 mm Hg (temperature-uncorrected values) by adjusting ventilatory volume every 1 degree C change of esophageal(More)
We compared the cardiovascular responses between nasal and oral intubation with a fiberoptic bronchoscope under the combination of neuroleptic analgesia (NLA) and topical anesthesia. The 16 patients studied were divided into 2 groups: the nasal intubation group (N group: 8 patients) and the oral intubation group (O group: 8 patients). There were significant(More)
Three different components, Basic Wave (BW), Cardiac Wave (CW) and Reflex Wave (RW), among the laser-Doppler (L-D) skin blood flow waves on the finger- or toe-tip, were studied in 32 healthy volunteers. The cycle of the rhythmic BW was 8.1 +/- 1.7.min-1 and was independent of respiratory movements. The BW was synchronous with the baseline fluctuation in the(More)
The chronological developmental processes of endocochlear potential (EP) and negative endocochlear potential (-EP) were investigated as a function of age from birth in the basal and second cochlear turns in normal ICR-strain mice. The EP of the basal turn developed between 5 and 17 days after birth (DAB). The -EP of the basal turn attained to its mature(More)
A patient developed tension pneumothorax during surgery. A 56-year-old woman with right breast cancer and axillary gland metastasis, was to undergo total right breast extirpation/axillary gland dissection, flap collection from the latissimus dorsi muscle, and reconstruction with this flap. During total right breast extirpation/axillary gland dissection,(More)
Twenty-seven dogs, divided into three groups, were subjected to a normothermic ventricular fibrillation (VF) cardiac arrest of 15 min and resuscitated by using cardiopulmonary bypass through the femoral veins and artery (F-F bypass). Group I (n = 15): Cardiac beating did not return in any dogs during an initial 3-min conventional cardiopulmonary(More)
Three types of skin pretreatments (stripping with adhesive tape, scrubbing with Skin-Pure jelly, and cleaning with benzine) were studied in 21 volunteers to determine whether the pretreatments could shorten the application period of transdermal 3% GA MHPh 2Na-10% lidocaine gel. Before application of the gel, each subject received skin pretreatment on the(More)
We observed the relative changes of both spinal cord blood flow (local SCBF) and local cerebral blood flow (local CBF) using independent laser-Doppler flowmeters (LDF) in 12 dogs under N2O(50%)-O2-enflurane(1.0%) anesthesia. The dorsal surface of the lumbar spinal cord and the parietal surface of the brain were partially exposed. Two fine LDF probes were(More)