Michiaki Iwata

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This paper presents a lightweight sketching system that enables interactive illustration of complex fluid systems. Users can sketch on a 2.5-dimensional (2.5D) canvas to design the shapes and connections of a fluid circuit. These input sketches are automatically analyzed and abstracted into a hydraulic graph, and a new hybrid fluid model is used in the(More)
BACKGROUND Poor outcomes have been reported for stroke patients admitted outside of regular working hours. However, few studies have adjusted for case severity. In this nationwide assessment, we examined relationships between hospital admission time and disabilities at discharge while considering case severity. METHODS AND RESULTS We analyzed 35 685 acute(More)
With the advancement of pharmaceutical development, drug interactions have become increasingly complex. As a result, a computer-based drug interaction search system is required to organize the whole of drug interaction data. To overcome problems faced with the existing systems, we developed a drug interaction search system using a hash table, which offers(More)
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