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As an example of noisy dynamic image processing, the paper presents a plan-guided analysis system of cineangiograms, X-ray motion pictures of a beating heart in which X-ray opaque dye is injected through a catheter. A task of the system is the detection of both the internal and external surfaces of the left ventricular chamber and the measurement of the(More)
The purposes of our studies are to examine whether or not fractal-feature distance deduced from virtual volume method can simulate observer performance indices and to investigate the physical meaning of pseudo fractal dimension and complexity. Contrast-detail (C-D) phantom radiographs were obtained at various mAs values (0.5-4.0 mAs) and 140 kVp with a(More)
Basic research for the micro actuator using TiNi Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) is conducted from the crystallographic point of view. SMA (TiNi) thin film is fabricated by sputtering deposition. First, the influence of substrate temperature on crystal structure is verified by measuring resistivity-temperature curve and X-ray diffraction. Though high temperature(More)
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