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Nucleotide‐dependent behavior of single molecules of cytoplasmic dynein on microtubules in vitro
We visualized the nucleotide‐dependent behavior of single molecules of mammalian native cytoplasmic dynein using fragments of dynactin p150 with or without its N‐terminal microtubule binding domain.Expand
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A Single Protofilament Is Sufficient to Support Unidirectional Walking of Dynein and Kinesin
Cytoplasmic dynein and kinesin are two-headed microtubule motor proteins that move in opposite directions on microtubules. It is known that kinesin steps by a ‘hand-over-hand’ mechanism, but it isExpand
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Single Protofilament is Enough to Support Unidirectional Walking of Cytoplasmic Dynein
Cytoplasmic dynein moves on microtubules toward its minus end with 8nm stepping. Dynein motor domain has a ring structure which consists of six AAA modules, and the diameter of the ring is 14 nm.Expand