Michette J M de Rooij

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BACKGROUND Current nursing care for leg ulcer patients often focuses on wound care and providing compression therapy. Nurses perceive leg ulcer patients as 'under-served' with regard to problems patients experience in daily life. An overview of patient problems is a first and essential step in the development of comprehensive nursing care. AIMS AND(More)
BACKGROUND An update of a Dutch physiotherapy practice guideline in Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis (HKOA) was made, based on current evidence and best practice. METHODS A guideline steering committee, comprising 10 expert physiotherapists, selected topics concerning the guideline chapters: initial assessment, treatment and evaluation. With respect to(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether an exercise program, initially focusing on knee stabilization and subsequently on muscle strength and performance of daily activities is more effective than an exercise program focusing on muscle strength and performance of daily activities only, in reducing activity limitations in patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA) and(More)
BACKGROUND Superficial basal-cell carcinoma is most commonly treated with topical non-surgical treatments, such as photodynamic therapy or topical creams. Photodynamic therapy is considered the preferable treatment, although this has not been previously tested in a randomised control trial. We assessed the effectiveness of photodynamic therapy compared with(More)
BACKGROUND Screening theoretically reduces death and morbidity from malignant melanoma. The rationale of screening for nonmelanoma skin cancer is more debatable, since mortality is very low. METHODS We organized a screening campaign in Southern Limburg, the Netherlands, in 1993. Press releases and public announcements referred only to melanoma. The(More)
We surveyed the demographic profile and motives prompting to participate among people attending voluntary melanoma screening clinics in Southern Limburg, the Netherlands, in June 1993. Precampaign public announcements addressed only melanoma and its precursor lesions. All attendees completed a detailed questionnaire addressing demographic particulars and(More)
Total skin examination during public screening for malignant melanoma is often advocated, but the benefit of this approach has not been established properly. We assessed the yield of examination of the entire skin, in addition to examination of intentionally shown skin lesions, in people attending melanoma screening clinics in southern Limburg, the(More)
Cumulative toxicity is a well known limitation of antipsoriatic treatments. In particular, the induction of multiple squamous cell carcinomas following long-term PUVA treatment is well established. In the present report, a psoriatic patient is described who was treated for more than 14 years with photochemotherapy (PUVA) and who received excessive amounts(More)
OBJECTIVE Postthrombotic syndrome (PTS) develops in 40% to 60% of patients with deep venous thrombosis. Factors that are important in the development of PTS include venous reflux, deep vein obstruction, and calf muscle pump dysfunction (CMD). METHODS Reflux and CMD in relationship to the severity of PTS were evaluated in a 2-year follow-up study of(More)