Michely C. Diniz

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The trypanosomatid flagellar apparatus contains conventional and unique features, whose roles in infectivity are still enigmatic. Although the flagellum and the flagellar pocket are critical organelles responsible for all vesicular trafficking between the cytoplasm and cell surface, still very little is known about their roles in pathogenesis and how(More)
Several motile processes are responsible for the movement of proteins into and within the flagellar membrane, but little is known about the process by which specific proteins (either actin-associated or not) are targeted to protozoan flagellar membranes. Actin is a major cytoskeleton protein, while polymerization and depolymerization of parasite actin and(More)
This review will summarize and discuss the current biological understanding of the motile eukaryotic flagellum, as posed out by recent advances enabled by post-genomics and proteomics approaches. The organelle, which is crucial for motility, survival, differentiation, reproduction, division and feeding, among other activities, of many eukaryotes, is a great(More)
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