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Cerebellum development involves the coordinated production of multiple neuronal cell types. The cerebellar primordium contains two germinative zones, the rhombic lip (RL) and the ventricular zone (VZ), which generate different types of glutamatergic and GABAergic neurons, respectively. What regulates the specification and production of glutamatergic and(More)
There is a high prevalence of behavioral disorders that feature hyperactivity in individuals with severe inner ear dysfunction. What remains unknown is whether inner ear dysfunction can alter the brain to promote pathological behavior. Using molecular and behavioral assessments of mice that carry null or tissue-specific mutations of Slc12a2, we found that(More)
BACKGROUND The early telencephalon shares molecular features with the early mid-hindbrain region. In particular, these two developing brain areas each have a signaling center that secretes FGFs and an adjacent one that secretes WNTs. WNTs and FGFs each play essential roles in regulating cell fates in both the telencephalon and mid-hindbrain. Despite this(More)
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