Michelle Tom

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Verapamil inhibits tri-iodothyronine (T3) efflux from several cell types, suggesting the involvement of multidrug resistance-associated (MDR) proteins in T3 transport. The direct involvement of P-glycoprotein (P-gp) has not, however, been investigated. We compared the transport of 125I-T3 in MDCKII cells that had been transfected with mdr1 cDNA (MDCKII-MDR)(More)
Pharmacological targeting of metabolic processes in cancer must overcome redundancy in biosynthetic pathways. Deoxycytidine (dC) triphosphate (dCTP) can be produced both by the de novo pathway (DNP) and by the nucleoside salvage pathway (NSP). However, the role of the NSP in dCTP production and DNA synthesis in cancer cells is currently not well understood.(More)
Estrogen-mediated accumulation of apolipoprotein II (apoII) mRNA in the avian liver is due, in part, to its stabilization. This stabilization appears to be due to the estrogen-regulated mRNA stabilizing factor (E-RmRNASF) that is expressed in response to estrogen. The E-RmRNASF protects the mRNA from targeted endonucleolytic degradation (Ratnasabapathy,(More)
An extracellular, debranching isoamylase fromHendersonula toruloidea ATCC 64930, grown on starch, was purified 12-fold to an electrophoretically homogeneous state. The purified enzyme (estimated mol wt 83000) was optimally active at pH 6.0 and 50°C and remained active when held at 70°C (30 min) and at pH 6 to 8 for 24 h. Na(+), Fe(2+) and Ba(2+) (at 5MM)(More)
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