Michelle Teixeira Teixeira

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Overnutrition during critical developmental periods is believed to be a risk factor for the emergence of metabolic disorders in adulthood. The present study investigated the effects of pups overfeeding during lactation on offspring's insulin secretion. To study the consequences of overnutrition early in life in rats, litter size reduction has been shown to(More)
OBJECTIVES This study examined the effect of Vitis vinifera grape skin extract (ACH09) on hyperglycaemia and the insulin-signalling cascade in alloxan-treated mice. METHODS Glycaemia, serum insulin and Western blot analysis of insulin cascade proteins were evaluated in the gastrocnemius muscles of four groups of adult mice: control, ACH09 (200 mg/kg per(More)
OBJECTIVE Trans fatty acids (TFAs) are derived from vegetable oil hydrogenation and can be found in most manufactured food products. Our main objective was to evaluate the effects of TFA consumption by lactating dams on cardiac glucose metabolism of adult offspring by analyzing glucose transporter-4 in the left ventricle. To investigate the energy(More)
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