Michelle Sulfaro

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This is a case report and brief review of the literature on occipital neuralgia presenting as dental pain. A patient with a chief complaint of long-standing pain in the maxillary right posterior quadrant was evaluated. Dental examination demonstrated the pain was not of odontogenic origin. The patient was referred to a neurologist who was a chronic pain(More)
This study assessed the feasibility of a telephonic nurse double-disease management program (DDMP) for patients with depression and congestive heart failure. Thirty-five patients with depression and congestive heart failure were entered into a novel DDMP modeled after Wagner's chronic illness care model and implemented as part of a 13-month Breakthrough(More)
Inflammation in the dental pulp is accompanied by release of a wide variety of highly oxidative molecules known as reactive oxygen species (ROS). ROS concentrations are controlled in vivo by an antioxidant enzyme scavenger system that may be overwhelmed by the increases in ROS production seen during inflammation. Supplementation of the antioxidant defense(More)
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