Michelle Stacey

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INTRODUCTION Inverted papillomas are relatively rare, benign epithelial tumours of the nasal cavity which generate considerable interest because they are locally aggressive, have a tendency to recur and are associated with malignancy. AIMS To review our experience of the management of inverted papillomas, and to review the literature in order to evaluate(More)
Anterior open bite is a common problem in orthognathic practice that confers functional and aesthetic handicaps on affected patients. Its management varies, and it is one of the most challenging disorders to treat. The orthodontic and surgical approach to the treatment of skeletal anterior open bite is still debated, and the results are controversial. The(More)
Generalized arterial calcification of infancy (GACI) is a rare genetic disorder consisting of diffuse arterial calcification and intimal proliferation. The disease typically results in progressive arterial stenosis and frequently leads to death from myocardial ischemia by 6 months of life. Affected infants are usually diagnosed before birth or in the(More)
When a cancer predisposing germline mutation is detected in an index case, the presence of the underlying syndrome is confirmed and the potential for predictive testing of at-risk relatives is established. However, the reporting of a positive family history does not routinely lead to communication of information about risk to close, much less distant(More)
In assessing some of the existing patterns and future possibilities in child health care it was found that the continuing large social class differences in morbidity and mortality may be attributed to continued poverty, both of income and therefore of diet, and also to environmental deprivation. The absence of safe places for children to play, for example,(More)
This paper argues that two characteristics of social life impinge importantly upon medical attempts to maintain high ethical standards. The first is the tension between the role of ethics in protecting the patient and maintaining the solidarity of the profession. The second derives from the observation that the foundations of contemporary medical ethics(More)