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Photosynthesis (Pn) and photomorphogenesis (Pm) are affected by light quality, light intensity and photoperiod. Although blue light (BL) is necessary for normal development, it is less efficient in driving Pn than other wavelengths of photosynthetically active radiation. The effects of BL on Pm are highly species dependent. Here we report the interacting(More)
This paper describes a self-regulated learning system that uses metacognition to decide what to learn, when to learn and how to learn in order to succeed in a dynamic environment. Metacognition provides the system the ability to monitor anomalies and to dynamically change its behavior to fix or work around them. The dynamic environment for the system is an(More)
Informational conflicts in operational policies cause agents to run into situations where responding based on the rules in one policy violates the same or another policy. Static checking of these conflicts is infeasible and impractical in a dynamic environment. This paper discusses a practical approach to handling policy conflicts in real-time domains(More)
Despite decades of research, the effects of spectral quality on plant growth, and development are not well understood. Much of our current understanding comes from studies with daily integrated light levels that are less than 10% of summer sunlight thus making it difficult to characterize interactions between light quality and quantity. Several studies have(More)
Explanations for stereoselectivity in the Baeyer-Villiger reaction have relied on the assumption that the antiperiplanar (app) group migrates. However, the magnitude of the preference for app-migration over gauche migration is unknown. To investigate this, the energy differences between the two were estimated from ab initio calculations. App-migration was(More)
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