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BACKGROUND There is a known association between obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and atrial fibrillation (AF); however, how OSA affects the atrial myocardium is not well described. OBJECTIVE To determine whether patients with OSA have an abnormal atrial substrate. METHODS Forty patients undergoing ablation of paroxysmal AF and in sinus rhythm (20 with OSA(More)
Biparental Phodopus campbelli and uniparental P. sungorus juvenile litters (2 males, 2 females) both consumed amniotic fluid and placenta during the birth of younger siblings. Three days later, P. campbelli juveniles were most responsive to a displaced younger sibling. Thus, P. campbelli are responsive to pups as juvenile alloparents and as new parents;(More)
INTRODUCTION The development of cutaneous neoplasms at immunization sites following vaccination is uncommon, and only few have been reported in the literature worldwide. We report an unusual case of an ulcerated giant dermatofibroma that developed as a chronic nonhealing plaque in the immunization scar of a young boy after vaccination. CASE REPORT A(More)
The role of the cerebrovascular network and its acute response to TBI is poorly defined and emerging evidence suggests that cerebrovascular reactivity is altered. We explored how cortical vessels are physically altered following TBI using a newly developed technique, vessel painting. We tested our hypothesis that a focal moderate TBI results in global(More)
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