Michelle Robinson

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This paper addresses the problem of incorporating cognitively salient landmarks in computer-generated navigation instructions. Based on a review of the existing literature in the domain of navigation with landmarks, the paper develops algorithms for generating routing instructions that include references to landmarks. The most basic algorithm uses a new(More)
Little is known about the molecular basis of somatosensory mechanotransduction in mammals. We screened a library of peptide toxins for effects on mechanically activated currents in cultured dorsal root ganglion neurons. One conopeptide analogue, termed NMB-1 for noxious mechanosensation blocker 1, selectively inhibits (IC(50) 1 microM) sustained(More)
Surveillance of the extracellular environment by immune receptors is of central importance to eukaryotic survival. The rice receptor kinase XA21, which confers robust resistance to most strains of the Gram-negative bacterium Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae (Xoo), is representative of a large class of cell surface immune receptors in plants and animals. We(More)
The world of "Zootopia" is a vast, multi-scale, multi-climate city that represents the biomes of the tundra, desert, rainforest, and grasslands. It is also a place where humans never existed and animals have evolved to be anthropomorphic, clothed, city-dwellers.
This panel will discuss and assess how academia and industry can articulate their visions and develop a cohesive understanding of each others roles and responsibilities in the hopes of revealing mutually beneficial protocols and guidelines to elevate both academia and industry.
Lighting computer generated hair is always a challenge. When that hair is 70 feet of long, beautiful, blond locks and belongs to the most famous "long haired" character in Western literature, that challenge becomes daunting. Introduce a stylized art direction that fuses the look of traditionally animated classics like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty with the(More)
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