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p63 is a master regulator of stratified epithelial development that is both necessary and sufficient for specifying this multifaceted program. We show here that Perp, a tetraspan membrane protein originally identified as an apoptosis-associated target of the p53 tumor suppressor, is the first direct target of p63 clearly involved in mediating this(More)
Perp is a target of the p53 tumor suppressor involved in the DNA damage-induced apoptosis pathway. In addition, Perp is a target of the p53-related transcription factor p63 during skin development, where it participates in cell-cell adhesion mediated through desmosomes. Here we test the role of Perp in tumorigenesis in a two-step skin carcinogenesis model(More)
We report the clinical, SPET, immunohistochemical and DNA features of an early-onset familial Alzheimer's disease (FAD) in an Argentine pedigree of South American indian ethnic background. Pedigree spans 5 generations comprising more than 110 biological relatives. Clinical data supported the diagnosis of early onset FAD (mean age at onset 38.9 years) in 10(More)
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