Michelle Potgieter

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Land-based abalone aquaculture in South Africa, based on the local species Haliotis midae, started in the early 1990s and has grown rapidly in the last decade, with 13 commercial farms now producing over 850 t per annum. Over 6,000 t per annum of kelp Ecklonia maxima are now harvested for this purpose, and some kelp beds are reaching maximum sustainable(More)
Kalk Bay, South Africa, has a typical south coast zonation pattern with a band of seaweed dominating the mid-eulittoral and between two molluscan-herbivore dominated upper and lower eulittoral zones. Encrusting coralline algae were very obvious features of these zones. The most abundant herbivores in the upper eulittoral were the limpet, Cymbula oculus(More)
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