Michelle Paschal

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This study was undertaken to compare the morbidity of traditional iliac bone graft harvesting techniques for grafting alveolar clefts to minimally invasive techniques. Fifty-five age-matched patients, ages 6.5 to 16 years (mean, 11.2 years), 22 girls and 33 boys, were divided into three groups. The traditional bone window open harvesting technique served as(More)
The authors have treated 100 consecutive pediatric patients with capillary/cavernous hemangiomas (age range, 1.3 months to 16 years; mean age, 26.6 months; 30 male and 70 female patients) with intralesional laser therapy during a 3-year period. All patients have been followed for a minimum of 6 months after treatment (range, 6-36 months; mean, 18 months).(More)
We report on the use of a new type of internal bone distraction devices designed for craniofacial applications. These resorbable devices allow a single operative procedure for device placement, eliminating the need for a second open operative procedure for hardware removal. We report on three models of resorbable devices. The midface orbital frontal device(More)
OBJECTIVE The use of midface distraction in patients with achondroplasia and upper airway obstruction secondary to midface hypoplasia has not been reported. In this report, we review the treatment of two patients with severe midface hypoplasia and obstructive sleep apnea secondary to achondroplasia using midface distraction osteogenesis. DESIGN, SETTING,(More)
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