Michelle P M Law

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BACKGROUND Data are lacking on the prevalence of acne, its effects on quality of life (QOL) and the treatment usage among Chinese patients in late adolescence. AIM To derive data about the prevalence and predictive factors of acne, the disability caused by acne and choice of treatment used by Chinese late adolescents in Hong Kong. METHODS This was a(More)
BACKGROUND Despite Hong Kong government's official commitment to the development of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) over the last ten years, there appears to have been limited progress in public sector initiated career development and postgraduate training (PGT) for public university trained TCM practitioners. Instead, the private TCM sector is expected(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the validity (face validity and criterion-related validity) and reliability (test-retest reliability and internal consistency) of a Cantonese (the Chinese dialect predominantly used in Guangdong Province) version of the Cardiff Acne Disability Index. DESIGN Questionnaire study. SETTING Two secondary schools in Hong Kong. (More)
BACKGROUND The association between diet and acne vulgaris has long been suggested but remains unproven in western medicine. In contrast, the diet-acne relationship is considered important in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Aim. To investigate the association between diet and acne, using a TCM approach. METHODS Using a cross-sectional study of 322(More)
Several exanthems including Gianotti-Crosti syndrome, pityriasis rosea, asymmetrical periflexural exanthem, eruptive pseudoangiomatosis, and papular-purpuric gloves and socks syndrome are suspected to be caused by viruses. These viruses are potentially dangerous. Gianotti-Crosti syndrome is related to hepatitis B virus infection which is the commonest cause(More)
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