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Although nonadherence to prescribed therapies is widespread, it is particularly problematic with highly active antiretroviral therapy for HIV infection. This review of >50 studies in the area of pediatric HIV infection revealed varying methods for assessing antiretroviral adherence with a wide range of estimates of adherence. Correlates of adherence could(More)
Whereas it is now more than 150 yr since T. Addison first described the clinical and pathological features of adrenal failure (1 ), the disease remains underdiagnosed, leading to unnecessary morbidity and mortality. Over the past decade, there have been important advances in elucidating the pathogeneses and underlying genetics of the individual forms of the(More)
The enzyme defects of steroidogenesis appear to be monogenic disorders. The clinical heterogeneity of these disorders suggests allelic variations at the loci for these disorders, as has been reported for other gentic inborn errors. When the genes for these enzymes are cloned and sequenced, the final proof of allelism will be obtained. Prenatal diagnosis of(More)
Although a range of generic and diabetes-specific instruments are available to assess emotional distress, no studies have evaluated sensitivity in relation to sample size requirement. The present study sets out to compare the sensitivity among the Diabetes Health Profile Psychological Distress scale (DHP-PD), Problem Areas in Diabetes (PAID) and Kessler-10(More)
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