Michelle Miller

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SCIRun is a scientiic programming environment that allows the interactive construction, debugging, and steering of large-scale scientiic computations. We review related systems and introduce a taxon-omy that explores diierent computational steering solutions. Considering these approaches, we discuss why a tightly integrated problem solving environment, such(More)
Building systems that alter program behavior during execution based on user-speciied criteria (computational steering systems) has been a recent research topic, particularly among the high-performance computing community 1{5]. To enable a computational steering system with powerful visualization capabilities to run in a distributed computational(More)
SCIRun is a problem solving environment that allow s the interactive construction, debugging, and steering o f large-scale scientific computations. We review related system s and introduce a taxonomy that explores different com puta­ tional steering solutions. Considering these approaches, we discuss why a tightly integrated problem solving environ­ ment,(More)
SCIRun is a shared memory problem solving environment PSE that provides the ability t o guide or steer a running computation. Extending such a tightly-integrated, performance-critical framework to enable pieces of the computation to run on diierent memory architectures all within the same computation would prove v ery useful. In this way, many diierent(More)
UNLABELLED This self-directed learning module highlights the cognitive and psychosocial adjustment aspects of brain injury. It is part of the chapter on congenital and acquired brain injury in the Self-Directed Physiatric Education Program for practitioners and trainees in physical medicine and rehabilitation. This article focuses specifically on evaluation(More)
Subacute rehabilitation is increasingly being used as a treatment option in the continuum of care. What constitutes subacute rehabilitation has not been uniformly defined. Therefore, considerable variability exists in subacute rehabilitation programs. This review outlines assessment and management of early recovery brain-injured individuals and offers a(More)
This article provides both consumers and healthcare professionals who share a common interest in brain injury with a basic overview of both how to access the Internet and how to use it effectively to gather and exchange online information. Recommendations regarding computer hardware requirements, connection options and popular software programs for web(More)
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