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On the basis of current knowledge of reproductive biology and toxicology, it is apparent that chemicals affecting reproduction may elicit their effects at a number of sites in both the male and the female reproductive system. This multiplicity of targets is attributable to the dynamic nature of the reproductive system, in which the(More)
Overall, the flu hit people in the United States earlier than usual during the 2003-2004 flu season, and lab tests showed evidence of a strain of the virus that's typically associated with more severe seasons. Taking a cue from the flue season just ending, experts say it's not too early to make a note for this fall: vaccination is the best protection(More)
Cyclophosphamide-induced uterine weight loss was evaluated to determine whether it was a function of primary toxicity to the uterus or a secondary response to ovarian toxicity, that is, antral follicle destruction. C57BL/6N mice treated with cyclophosphamide exhibited a reduction in uterine weight concurrent with a decrease in plasma estradiol (E2)(More)