Michelle M. Roper

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BACKGROUND chronic proximal hamstring tendinopathies is a disabling activity related condition. Currently, there is no well-accepted or extensively documented non-operative treatment option that provides consistently successful results. PURPOSE to evaluate the efficacy of ultrasound guided platelet-rich plasma injections in treating chronic proximal(More)
Bird song is commonly regarded as amale trait that has evolved through sexual selection. However, recent research has prompted a re-evaluation of this view by demonstrating that female song is an ancestral and phylogenetically widespread trait. Species with female song provide opportunities to study selective pressures and mechanisms specific to females(More)
The use of 3D Virtual Worlds in the domain of cultural heritage represents a unique opportunity to accurately recreate historically significant sites as well as to provide a collaborative working environment for historians, archaeologists, designers and programmers. While most existing solutions are purely focused on reconstructing the architectural(More)
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