Michelle M. Robertson

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Although the available evidence suggests that whereas the caspase family plays a major role in apoptosis, they are not the sole stimulators of death. A random yeast two-hybrid screen of a lymphocyte cDNA library (using caspase-3 as the bait) found an interaction between caspase-3 and the regulatory subunit Aalpha of protein phosphatase 2A. This protein was(More)
Need for Situation Awareness Training in Aviation In the aviation domain, maintaining a high level of situation awareness is one of the most critical and challenging features of a pilot’s job. Problems with SA were found to be the leading causal factor in a review of military aviation mishaps (Hartel, Smith, & Prince, 1991). In a study of accidents among(More)
A macroergonomics intervention consisting of flexible workspace design and ergonomics training was conducted to examine the effects on psychosocial work environment, musculoskeletal health, and work effectiveness in a computer-based office setting. Knowledge workers were assigned to one of four conditions: flexible workspace (n=121), ergonomics training(More)
STUDY DESIGN Office workers invited and agreeing to participate were assigned to one of three study groups: a group receiving a highly adjustable chair with office ergonomics training, a training-only group, and a control group receiving the training at the end of the study. OBJECTIVE To examine the effect of office ergonomics intervention in reducing(More)
After workplace injuries, supervisors can play an important role in aiding workers, accessing health care services, and providing reasonable accommodation. However, few studies have identified those aspects of supervisor involvement most valued by employees for postinjury recovery and return to work. As part of needs assessment for a supervisory training(More)
A large-scale field intervention study was undertaken to examine the effects of office ergonomics training coupled with a highly adjustable chair on office workers' knowledge and musculoskeletal risks. Office workers were assigned to one of three study groups: a group receiving the training and adjustable chair (n=96), a training-only group (n=63), and a(More)
Research was conducted at a major airline to investigate factors related to situation awareness in aviation maintenance teams. Situation awareness has been found to be critical to performance and error prevention in many environments. Its role in the maintenance domain for the performance of both individuals and teams is discussed. Situation awareness(More)
BACKGROUND A pilot prospective study was performed to examine the relationships between daily computer usage time and musculoskeletal symptoms on undergraduate students. METHODS For three separate 1-week study periods distributed over a semester, 27 students reported body part-specific musculoskeletal symptoms three to five times daily. Daily computer(More)
The role of supervisors to aid injured workers, access health care, and provide reasonable accommodation may prevent prolonged disability among workers reporting musculoskeletal pain. Although supervisor training has been a common element of broad-based ergonomic interventions to prevent injuries, the impact of supervisor training alone to improve injury(More)
PURPOSE Occupational computer use has been associated with upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders among working-age adults, but little is known about computer-related musculoskeletal problems among college students. We carried out a descriptive epidemiological study of computer use-associated symptoms, functional limitations, and medication and health(More)