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PURPOSE To determine whether adding bevacizumab, with or without mitomycin, to capecitabine monotherapy improves progression-free survival (PFS) in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) in an open-label, three-arm randomized trial. PATIENTS AND METHODS Overall, 471 patients in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom with previously(More)
PURPOSE Mutations affecting the KRAS gene are established predictive markers of outcome with anti-epithelial growth factor receptor (EGFR) antibodies in advanced colorectal cancer (CRC). The relevance of these markers for anti-vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) therapy is controversial. This analysis was performed to assess the predictive and(More)
A suppressor mutation, D53, of the held-up(2) allele of the Drosophila melanogaster Troponin I (wupA) gene is described. D53, a missense mutation, S185F, of the tropomyosin-2, Tm2, gene fully suppresses all the phenotypic effects of held-up(2), including the destructive hypercontraction of the indirect flight muscles (IFMs), a lack of jumping, the(More)
AIM To assess the feasibility of a randomized clinical trial of supervised injectable versus oral methadone maintenance and to assess medium-term treatment outcomes. DESIGN Randomized clinical trial of supervised injectable versus supervised oral methadone maintenance treatment (MMT). Trial participants were dependent illicit opiate injectors allocated at(More)
Some children with relapsed or high-risk acute leukaemia have an improved outcome if they have an allogeneic stem cell transplant, preferably from a sibling or well-matched unrelated donor. However, some children do not have these options or there is an urgent need to proceed to transplant because of disease status. We have investigated the role of(More)
BACKGROUND Bevacizumab is an antiangiogenic mAb with efficacy against several cancers, but it is associated with risk of arterial thromboembolism (ATE). Further data are needed to determine the safety of bevacizumab. PATIENTS AND METHODS We recorded grade 3, 4, or 5 ATE events and other data (including age, baseline cardiovascular risk factors, history of(More)
A canine model was used to investigate the efferent laryngeal responses to stimulation by topically applied acid and pepsin. Five adult mongrel dogs were studied. Electromyographic recordings from the thyroarytenoid muscle were measured with hooked-wire electrodes as an acid solution (normal saline/hydrochloric acid at pH 6.0, 5.0, 4.0, 3.0, 2.5, 2.0, 1.5,(More)
BACKGROUND Docetaxel administered 3-weekly with cisplatin and 5-fluorouracil leads to better survival than does standard therapy in patients with oesophagogastric cancer, but leads to high rates of haematological toxicity. Weekly docetaxel is associated with less haematological toxicity. This randomised phase II study tested weekly docetaxel-based(More)
Vocal fold paresis (VFP) is a relatively common and often overlooked condition that can be difficult to diagnose based on the laryngeal examination alone. A retrospective review of the records of 50 consecutive adult patients with VFP was performed. In each case, the diagnosis of VFP was confirmed by laryngeal electromyography. The presenting symptoms were(More)