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Telomeres mediate biologic aging in organisms as diverse as plants, yeast, and mammals. We propose a telomere theory of reproductive aging that posits telomere shortening in the female germ line as the primary driver of reproductive aging in women. Experimental shortening of telomeres in mice, which normally do not exhibit appreciable oocyte aging, and(More)
Measurement of telomere length currently requires a large population of cells, which masks telomere length heterogeneity in single cells, or requires FISH in metaphase arrested cells, posing technical challenges. A practical method for measuring telomere length in single cells has been lacking. We established a simple and robust approach for single-cell(More)
PURPOSE The effect of age on telomere length heterogeneity in men has not been studied previously. Our aims were to determine the relationship between variation in sperm telomere length (STL), men's age, and semen parameters in spermatozoa from men undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. METHODS To perform this prospective cross-sectional pilot(More)
Antifolates such as methotrexate, raltitrexed, and pemetrexed are among the most effective and widely used anticancer drugs. The antifolates are also among the most unpredictable of anticancer drugs with respect to pharmacokinetics and toxicity. In this study, we assessed the binding of folates and antifolates to the folate receptors (FRs) of human proximal(More)
UNLABELLED The etiology of endometriosis remains poorly understood but circulating stem cells may contribute. Telomeres shorten with cell divisions and age. Stem cells attempt to compensate for telomere attrition through the action of telomerase. Since circulating stem cells may contribute to endometriosis, we compared telomere content in lymphocytes of(More)
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