Michelle Levine

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The development of the lateral, basomedial and basolateral nuclei of the amygdala in 1-28 day old kittens was studied using Golgi morphometric methods. The major finding of this study is the growth of neurons within each of the nuclei of the amygdala examined occurs during the same time period, between 5-14 and 16-18 days of postnatal age in the cat. This(More)
In order to effectively access the rapidly increasing range of media content available in the home, new kinds of more natural interfaces are needed. In this paper, we explore the application of multimodal interface technologies to searching and browsing a database of movies. The resulting system allows users to access movies using speech, pen, remote(More)
Detecting deception from different dimensions of human behavior has been a major goal of research in psychology and computational linguistics for some years and is currently of considerable interest to military and law enforcement agencies. However, relatively little work has been done to develop automatic methods to detect deception from spoken language or(More)
— We are building a new corpus of deceptive and non-deceptive speech, using American English and Mandarin Chinese adult native speakers, to investigate individual and cultural differences in acoustic, prosodic, and lexical cues to deception. Here, we report on the role of personality factors using the NEO-FFI (Neuroticism-Extraversion-Openness Five Factor(More)
BACKGROUND Thrombocytopenia is a significant problem in patients with relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma, precipitating a need for supportive platelet transfusions and necessitating decreases in delivered doses of chemotherapy. Eltrombopag is a non-peptide, small molecule thrombopoietin (TPO) receptor agonist that promotes megakaryopoiesis similar to(More)
When automatically detecting deception, it is important to model individual differences across speakers. We explore the automatic identification of individual traits such as gender , native language, and personality, using acoustic-prosodic and lexical features from an initial non-deceptive dialogue. We also explore predicting success at deception and at(More)
BACKGROUND Pulmonary vascular remodeling in pulmonary hypertension (PH) is characterized by increased vascular smooth muscle cell (SMC) and adventitial fibroblast proliferation, small vessel occlusion, and inflammatory cell accumulation. The underlying molecular mechanisms driving progression remain poorly defined. We have focused on loss of the phosphatase(More)
• Training machine learning models to automatically identify deceptive vs. truthful statemtents • Examining cues to deception, including acoustic, prosodic and lexical features, subject-dependent features, and entrainment. • Investigating personality influences on deceptive behavior • Built a corpus of deceptive and non-deceptive speech, using subjects from(More)
Single units were recorded bilaterally from the caudate nuclei of cats before and after 50 microliter injections of either Merlis solution or L-DOPA (200 microgram) dissolved in Merlis into the left lateral cerebral ventricle. After injection of L-DOPA, but not Merlis solution, there was a period of unit silence in both caudates with an onset of about 10(More)
Automatic personality recognition is useful for many computational applications, including recommendation systems, dating websites, and adaptive dialogue systems. There have been numerous successful approaches to classify the " Big Five " personality traits from a speaker's utterance, but these have largely relied on judgments of personality obtained from(More)