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  • Michelle Lee, Mcnair Scholar, Lindah Mhando, Laurie Scheuble
  • 2012
This article reviews evidence linking incarceration and the likelihood of obtaining employment after serving time in prison, with particular focus on African American men. Data come from Sumter's (2001) Religion and Post-Release Community Adjustment Survey. This research explores the predictors of post prison employment. Findings show that the length of(More)
Patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes have to monitor complex sets of medical observations and behaviors. This includes blood glucose, weight, cholesterol, HbA1c, blood pressure, as well as diet, exercise and medication. We have developed a set of web-based, highly interactive graphic modules that are integrated in a personal health record to(More)
We describe how we built a model for user decision-making during local search tasks, specifically hotels. We differentiate between affective and functional needs and identify the following stages and related information needs: 0. Lay of the land; 1. Generating options; 2. Scanning for attractors and detractors; 3. Due diligence. We contrast this framework(More)
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