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We have investigated the role of structural differences in collagen molecules and the effect of proteoglycan preparations on the control of collagen fibril formation. Collagen and proteoglycans were extracted, purified and characterized from two structurally and functionally different connective tissues, rabbit corneal stroma and sclera. Corneal collagen(More)
The cytochrome P450 2D6 (CYP2D6) genotypes and phenotypes of 106 unrelated, healthy black Tanzanians of Bantu origin were investigated. The results revealed a population with a generally decreased capacity to metabolize the CYP2D6 substrate debrisoquine with 59% of the Tanzanian extensive metabolisers having debrisoquine metabolic ratios (MRs) > 1 versus(More)
PURPOSE The corneal destruction resulting from P. aeruginosa keratitis is thought to be due, in part, to the actions of host and bacterial proteases on corneal tissue. The intent of the current study was to compare host and bacterial protease expression in the ocular tissues of mice that have been shown to be susceptible to corneal infection with mice that(More)
Messenger RNA (mRNA) of membrane-bound polysomes in a membrane fraction of WI-38 cells remains associated with the microsomal membranes even after ribosomes and their nascent polypeptide chains are removed by using puromycin in a high salt buffer or by disassembling the ribosomes in a medium of high ionic strength lacking magnesium. mRNA either was(More)
Membrane-bound ribosomes and messenger RNA remained associated with the microsomal membranes of human fibroblasts after cultures were treated with Verrucarin A, an inhibitor of initiation which led to extensive run-off of ribosomes from polysomal structures. When a membrane fraction from Verrucarin-treated cells containing such inactive ribosomes and mRNA(More)
There is a dearth of knowledge on the tissue fibrosis that contributes to the pathology of schistosomiasis mansoni. The present study was designed to test the direct effect of live schistosome eggs and soluble egg antigens (SEA) on cultured normal human fibroblasts. Coincubation for 3 days of fibroblast monolayers with 100-500 live eggs/ml medium or(More)
The uptake of polystyrene latex beads (approximately 0.75 micrometers) and glutaraldehyde-treated erythrocytes by human corneal stromal keratocytes maintained in culture has been studied. Combined phase-contrast and scanning electron microscopic observations on individual cells after exposure to either beads or erythrocytes demonstrated that the majority of(More)