Michelle L. Walker

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Aquatic ecosystems are critical to the long-term viability and vibrancy of communities and economies across northern Australia. In a region that supports significant cultural and ecological water values, partnerships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous stakeholders can benefit aquatic ecosystem management. We present, as a case study from the Kimberley(More)
UNLABELLED The surgical circumferential resection margin in total mesorectal excision surgery is defined by the relationship of the tumor to the mesorectal fascia. Patients with anticipated tumor invasion of the mesorectal fascia receive neoadjuvant therapy to downstage/downsize the tumor and to obtain tumor-free resection margins.Tumor relationship to the(More)
  • M L Walker
  • 1992
Major pancreatic trauma is uncommon and often challenging even for the most experienced trauma surgeon. An organized, well-rehearsed operative approach to these injuries represents the surgeon's best defense. This article highlights operative decision-making. Operative assessment is reliable. The integrity of the main pancreatic duct is the major(More)
We have reported that ACTH stimulation of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHA) formation by the baboon fetal adrenal at midgestation was suppressed by estrogen. Because fetal adrenal regulation changes with advancing gestation, the action of estrogen on fetal adrenal steroidogenesis may also be dependent on the degree of fetal adrenal maturation. We examined this(More)
A device designed specifically for mild to severe concussions was used to produce quantitative experimental blunt brain injury in male Wistar rats. We have examined the effects of varying magnitudes of cerebral trauma on the maximal binding capacity (Bmax) of D1 and D2 dopamine (DA) receptors. The Bmax for each receptor subtype was obtained from Scatchard(More)
As an instrument of close range combat, the shotgun has no parallel. At short distances, its destructive capacity parallels that seen from high velocity missile injury. In this study, the history of the shotgun, wound ballistics, principles of initial therapy and special management problems related to shotgun wounds of specific sites are reviewed. An(More)
A short term incubation of baboon fetal adrenal cells obtained at midgestation and near term was used to determine whether a change in the regulation of androgen formation occurs with advancing gestation. Adrenal glands were removed from baboon (Papio anubis) fetuses on day 100 (mid; n = 7) or day 170 (late; n = 5) of gestation, and cells were dispersed(More)
  • M L Walker
  • 1986
Four cases of pancreatic trauma are critiqued, and an algorithm to guide management is outlined. The key to operative assessment of pancreatic injury is the presence or absence of major ductal disruption. The surgeon's assessment is usually accurate, but when doubt exists, intraoperative pancreatography is advocated. In patients with significant pancreatic(More)