Michelle L Taliaferro

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A new family of molecule-based magnets of general formula V[TCNQR(2)](2).zCH(2)Cl(2) has been synthesized and characterized (TCNQ = 7,7,8,8-tetracyano-p-quinodimethane; R = H, Br, Me, Et, i-Pr, OMe, OEt, and OPh). In addition, solid solutions of V[TCNQ](x)()[TCNQ(OEt)(2)](2)(-)(x)().zCH(2)Cl(2) composition have been prepared. Except R = Br, magnetic(More)
The crystal structures of [MnTPP]{Ni[S2C2H(CN)]2} [MnTPP = (meso-tetraphenylporphinato)manganese(III)] and [MnTPP]{Ni[S2C2(CN)2]2} have been determined. These salts possess trans-mu-coordination of S = 1/2 {Ni[S2C2H(CN)]2}*- and {Ni[S(2)C(2)(CN)(2)](2)}*- to Mn(III) and form parallel 1-D coordination polymer chains exhibiting nu(CN) at 2210 and 2200 and(More)
The ferromagnet [FeCp*(2)][TCNE] (T(c) = 4.80 K) has two structural phase transitions at 249 and 282 K that has thwarted the determination of its structure by single crystal X-ray diffraction; however, its structure at 100 K is reported [P2(1)/c, a = 9.710(1) A, b = 14.214(2) A, c = 18.753(2) A, beta = 113.207(2) degrees, V = 2378.7(5) A(3), Z = 4, T = 100(More)
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