Michelle L. Alexander

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We address the problem of large-scale fine-grained visual categorization, describing new methods we have used to produce an online field guide to 500 North American bird species. We focus on the challenges raised when such a system is asked to distinguish between highly similar species of birds. First, we introduce one-vs-most classifiers. By eliminating(More)
We present the design of a video event recounting system that takes YouTube-like videos, and identifies a minimal set of video segments and textual keyword descriptions in order to convince a user, in a time efficient manner, that the video contains an instance of a user-specificed human activity. The system is based on extensive user studies that have lead(More)
Most researchers in the field of neural plasticity are familiar with the "Kennard Principle," which purports a positive relationship between age at brain injury and severity of subsequent deficits (plateauing in adulthood). As an example, a child with left hemispherectomy can recover seemingly normal language, while an adult with focal injury to sub-regions(More)
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