Michelle K Spetman

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BACKGROUND Communication problems among health care personnel during critical clinical situations can jeopardize patient safety. SBAR, a structured-communication technique, has been adapted from aviation and the military as a strategy for clear communication based on a statement of the situation, background, assessment, and recommendations related to a(More)
BACKGROUND Highly effective generic cardiovascular medications are frequently underused, leading to greater overall drug costs and cost-related nonadherence. OBJECTIVE We sought to assess an intervention to stimulate appropriate generic cardiovascular drug use without creating administrative or financial barriers that may impede essential medication use.(More)
We analyzed student performance in an interdisciplinary, Web-based course in health care ethics at a university-based school of allied health. Student performance was measured according to students' 1) degree status, 2) clinical hour requirement during the semester in which they took the ethics course, 3) total credit hours during the semester in which they(More)
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