Michelle K Funk

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This report reviews the evidence for the types of human rights violations experienced by people with mental and psychosocial disabilities in low-income and middle-income countries as well as strategies to prevent these violations and promote human rights in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). The article draws on(More)
The purpose of the research programme introduced in this article is to provide new knowledge regarding comprehensive multisectoral approaches to breaking the negative cycle of poverty and mental ill-health. The programme undertakes an analysis of existing mental health policies in four African countries (Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia), and will carry(More)
SETTING St. Petersburg, Russian Federation. OBJECTIVES To identify barriers to the completion of tuberculosis (TB) treatment among prisoners and former prisoners in St Petersburg, Russia. DESIGN Questionnaires were administered to 60 prisoners and 40 former prisoners. Interviews were performed with prison and TB dispensary staff. Treatment follow-up(More)
Mental health systems in many countries are seriously under-developed, yet mental health problems not only have huge consequences for quality of life, but--particularly in low- and middle-income countries--contribute to continued economic burden and reinforce poverty. This paper discusses economic barriers to improving the availability, accessibility,(More)
Health is now widely acknowledged as having both a physical and mental health dimension. Indeed, as far back as 1948, WHO’s constitution recognised health as ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’. Despite this, many primary healthcare systems in countries around the world focus on(More)
Die Richtlinie 98/79/EG über In-vitro-Diagnostika (IVD) [1] regelt das Inverkehrbringen und die Marktüberwachung von IVD in der Europäischen Union. Gemäß diesem Regelwerk müssen die Produktverantwortlichen Vorkommnisse und korrektive Maßnahmen in Verbindung mit IVD den zuständigen nationalen Überwachungsbehörden melden. In Deutschland sind dies das(More)
AIMS To determine if GPs' attitudes towards working with drinkers moderated the impact that training and support had on screening and brief intervention activity in routine practice. METHODS Subjects were 340 GPs from four countries who were part of a World Health Organization randomized controlled trial to evaluate the effectiveness of training and(More)
INTRODUCTION Mental health is increasingly acknowledged as a crucial public health issue in South Africa (SA). However, it is not given the priority it deserves on policy agendas in this and many other low- and middle-income countries. The aim of this analysis is to describe the content of mental health policy and the process of its development in SA. (More)
OBJECTIVE This study examines the impact of marketing strategies on the dissemination of a brief alcohol intervention program to general practitioners (GPs). The marketing strategy was tested to determine the most effective way to promote awareness about and consideration of a brief alcohol intervention program. The study also examines the impact of(More)