Michelle K Davidson

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PURPOSE In diabetic retinopathy and macular edema, the blood-retinal barrier fails to function properly, and there is transvascular leakage of proteins and solutes. The tight junction protein occludin and the adherens junction protein cadherin-5 have been shown to be critical to maintaining the endothelial barrier and regulating paracellular transport of(More)
PURPOSE Transvascular leakage occurs in diabetic retinopathy. The tight junction proteins occludin and zonula occludens-1 (ZO-1) and adherens junction protein cadherin-5 are critical to the maintenance of endothelial barrier. We report a comparison of junction protein expression in the normal and diabetic retina. METHOD Case report. Postmortem retinal(More)
Endothelial cell precursors circulate in blood and express antigens found on hematopoietic stem cells, suggesting that such precursors might be subject to transplantation. To investigate, we obtained adherence-depleted peripheral blood mononuclear cells from 3 individuals who had received a sex-mismatched allogeneic bone marrow transplant (BMT) and cultured(More)
Deaf individuals seeking substance abuse recovery are less likely to have access to treatment and aftercare services because of a lack of culturally and linguistically specific programs and insufficient information about existing services. Previous research indicates that Oxford House, a network of resident-run recovery homes, serves a diverse group of(More)
The authors examine differential changes in values of tolerance among 150 participants discharged from inpatient treatment centers, and randomly assigned to either a self-help-based, communal living setting (i.e., Oxford House), or usual aftercare. Participants were interviewed every 6 months for a 24-month period. Hierarchical linear modeling (HLM) was(More)
We have shown that after immunization of homozygous a1 rabbits of the B immunoglobulin (Ig) heavy chain haplotype with anti-a2 antibody (Ab) a population of molecules appears that has all of the serologic characteristics of the a2 allotype. We have now isolated these putative latent a2 molecules, have separated the heavy chains, and after enzymatic(More)
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